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 Parents of Neuro-diverse Children

You have the specialists for your child,  the sensory toys. the IEP  and the parenting books.... but its time for you.  You have been putting it off but realize you also need support where you can share the feelings your not proud of and the small wins. You can't predict the future but constantly try to organize schedules, anticipate challenges adjust family life to minimize out of control tantrums (yours and theirs).  Sometimes you don't have to breathe a word about the challenges but sometimes its really obvious; which can feel embarrassing and painful.  

As a parent of a neurodiverse child myself, I understand the complicated feelings and disappointment when well meaning family and friends just don't get it. I don't provide assessment  for your child and I am not into pre-packaged parenting tips, I provide space.  Space for you to reconnect to parts of yourself that you have missed.  Space for you to process the grief.  Space for you to become more mindful of yourself in relationships with others including your child. Space to heal.



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