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Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety keeps you from staying connected to the present.  It pulls you into the future or stuck in the past.  It causes our minds to loop and and creates a knot in the pit of our stomach that is difficult to untie.  We become hyper-vigilant and exhausted. 

Stress and anxiety exist on a spectrum, one end mildly anxious; doesn't interfere with the things you need or want to do.  The other end life stopping -  interfering in work,  parenting duties and the ability to be with others.  

How can therapy help:

  • Provide education about the types of anxiety we experience. 

  • Learn about the benefits of stress and anxiety.

  • Slow down thoughts and sensations and foster curiosity about the beliefs and fears that keep your thoughts racing.

  • Learn behavioral tools and strategies to reduce symptoms

  • Bridge the gap between overwhelm and calm.

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